Gilbert O’Sullivan Alone Again Naturally

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Gilbert O’Sullivan Alone Again Naturally

Gilbert O'Sullivan Alone Again (Naturally)

Soft Rock Music

The Irish singer-songwriter released this song in 1972. Although it was initially dismissed as “depressing” by radio programmers, the promoters at MAM Records (backed by the weight of super-promoter Gordon Mills) got the record played. Once it reached the ears of the public, it immediately became immensely popular. In fact, “Alone Again (Naturally)” was #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for six non-consecutive weeks in 1972. It also charted at #1 in Canada, at #2 in Ireland,  Australia, and New Zealand, and at #3 in the U.K.

The song is quite unusual lyrically, opening with the singer left standing at the altar and contemplating suicide.  The singer goes on to tell about the death of his parents, among other depressing details of his life. However, the melody and upbeat presentation tell a story of a man’s resilience in the wake of many disappointments.

“Alone Again (Naturally)” was ranked #5 most popular song of the decade in Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 of the 1970s. It has been covered by Shirley Bassey, Esther Phillips, Nina Simone, and Neil Diamond. The song is parodied on two episodes of The Simpsons TV Show: “Alone Again, Natura-diddily”  (Season 11), and “No Loan Again, Naturally” (Season 20).

Here are the lyrics to “Alone Again (Naturally)” by Gilbert O’Sullivan:

In a little while from now

If I’m not feeling any less sour

I promise myself to treat myself

And visit a nearby tower

And climbing to the top

Will throw myself off

In an effort to

Make it clear to whoever

What it’s like when you’re shattered.


Left standing in the lurch at a church

Were people saying,” My God, that’s tough

She stood him up

No point in us remaining

We may as well go home.”

As I did on my own

Alone again, naturally.


To think that only yesterday

I was cheerful, bright and gay

Looking forward to (who wouldn’t do?)

The role I was about to play

But as if to knock me down

Reality came around

And without so much as a mere touch

Cut me into little pieces

Leaving me to doubt

Talk about, God in His mercy

Oh, if he really does exist

Why did he desert me

In my hour of need?

I truly am indeed

Alone again, naturally.


It seems to me that

There are more hearts broken in the world

That can’t be mended

Left unattended

What do we do?

What do we do?


Alone again, naturally.

Looking back over the years

And whatever else that appears

I remember I cried when my father died

Never wishing to hide the tears.


And at sixty-five years old

My mother, God rest her soul

Couldn’t understand why the only man

She had ever loved had been taken

Leaving her to start

With a heart so badly broken

Despite encouragement from me

No words were ever spoken.

And when she passed away

I cried and cried all day

Alone again, naturally.

Alone again, naturally.

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