Rod Stewart’s Maggie May

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One Toke Over the Line by Brewer and Shipley
January 3, 2018
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Rod Stewart’s Maggie May

Rod Stewart's Maggie May

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The song was written by Rod Stewart and guitarist Martin Quittenton (of Steamhammer). It describes the roller coaster of emotions of a young boy involved with an older woman. Stewart has said that it comes from his own experience, more or less. Maggie May was not the woman’s real name, but rather a name taken from an old Liverpool folk song about a prostitute who robbed a homeward bound sailor. Anyway, the song was released on Stewart’s 1971 album Every Picture Tells a Story. It was released as a single in 1971, originally as the B-Side to “Reason to Believe.” However, DJs, particularly in the U.S., preferred “Maggie May.” The song was an international success, and helped to launch Stewart’s solo career. In 1971, the single went to #1 on the U.S. Billboard Ht 100, U.S. Cash Box Top 100, as well as in Australia, Canada, and the U.K. It went to #2 in Ireland, #3 in New Zealand, #5 in Switzerland, and #11 in Germany. Rolling Stone magazine lists the song among “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.”

“Maggie May” ┬áhas also been included on numerous compilation albums. Most versions have the lovely guitar solo “Henry,” which was composed by Martin Quittenton. On the track were Stewart (lead vocals), Martin Quittenton (acoustic guitar), Ronnie Wood (electric guitar, twelve-string guitar, bass guitar), Micky Waller (drums, cymbals), Ian McLagan (Hammond organ), and Ray Jackson (mandolin).

Rod Stewart was knighted at the 2016 Queen’s Birthday Honours. He is now Sir Roderick DAvid “Rod” Stewart.

Here are the lyrics to “Maggie May” by Rod Stewart:

Wake up, Maggie I think I got something to say to you
It’s late September and I really should be back at school
I know I keep you amused, but I feel I’m being used
Oh, Maggie, I couldn’t have tried any more
You led me away from home
Just to save you from being alone
You stole my heart, and that’s what really hurts

The morning sun, when it’s in your face really shows your age
But that don’t worry me none in my eyes, you’re everything

I laughed at all of your jokes
My love you didn’t need to coax
Oh, Maggie, I couldn’t have tried any more

You led me away from home
Just to save you from being alone
You stole my soul, and that’s a pain I can do without.

All I needed was a friend to lend a guiding hand

But you turned into a lover, and, mother, what a lover you wore me out
All you did was wreck my bed
And, in the morning, kick me in the head
Oh, Maggie, I couldn’t have tried any more
You led me away from home
‘Cause you didn’t want to be alone
You stole my heart, I couldn’t leave you if I tried

I suppose I could collect my books and get on back to school
Or steal my daddy’s cue and make a living out of playing pool
Or find myself a rock ‘n’ roll band
That needs a helping hand
Oh, Maggie, I wish I’d never seen your face
You made a first-class fool out of me
But I’m as blind as a fool can be
You stole my heart, but I love you anyway

Maggie I wish that I’d never seen your face
I’ll get a ride home one of these days…

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